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5 Questions to Ask Your Lemon Lawyer

Lemon law cases can be long and arduous. Having an experienced, competent lawyer is therefore essential. Choosing your lemon lawyer is a lot like choosing your physician because you’ll be trusting you lawyer with a very important part of your life. They will be your representative, and you will be putting the outcome of your case largely in their hands. Here are five essential questions that you should ask your lemon lawyer before you hire him.

1. How many lemon law cases similar to mine have you handled in the past and what were their outcomes?
Experience is a must when choosing your lemon lawyer, as lemon laws are very specialized and you will thus benefit most from hiring a firm that is familiar with your specific case. A lawyer that’s inexperienced in lemon law cases will not be able to get you the best results.

2. What are the resources that your firm offers?
It’s important that the firm of the lawyer you choose has multiple lawyers with enough training and experience to handle your case, so that, in the event that your lawyer is unavailable for some reason, another one is readily available to take over your case. This is especially important because, as mentioned before, lemon law cases can take months to settle.

3. What are your upfront fees and how much of the post trial settlement do you take?
If a lemon lawyer is at all confident in his ability to deliver a winning case, he will be more than willing to take your case on a contingent fee basis. This means that, if your case is not won, you will not pay for anything. Try to get a lemon lawyer that will take a set settlement fee and not a percentage of the final settlement reward.

4. Can I get a detailed itemized costs report each week?

Getting a detailed itemized cost report every week ensures that all dealings are transparent and that you are actively involved and knowledgeable of your own case. Any lemon lawyer who is unwilling to do this for you is not worth hiring.

5. Do you have extensive knowledge of my state’s lemon laws?
Every state has its own specific policies concerning lemon law. Your lawyer should be well acquainted with the laws of your state so that he may better represent you.

Remember also that when it comes to lawyers, reputation counts. A lot. So ask about past cases and do some research to see what other clients have to say about the lemon lawyer you’re considering. Also, ask for recommendations from friends or family who’ve had to hire lemon lawyers in the past.
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Ryan Frank is a 23 year writer and blogger living in San Diego, CA

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