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What Illinois Law Lemon is All About

If you live in Illinois and have recently bought a new vehicle and it is giving you sleepless nights because it seems to have a chronic disease that just will not go away even after repairs, then, you need to be thinking about Illinois law lemon. This is a law that help people like you get the value for your money. Lemons are common and they are defective vehicles that a car manufacturing company has sold to the public knowingly or unknowingly. For a car to qualify to be a lemon in Illinois, it must have under gone at least 4 repair rounds and still the problem persisted. It must have laid in the garage for 30 consecutive days without serving you. If your new car has these symptoms then you qualify to follow the Illinois law lemon.

The law covers new cars whether new or leased, light truck or vans under 8,000 pounds are also covered. It covers recreational vehicles and vehicles purchased in Illinois. Vehicles must have their warranties and therefore must not be more that a year old. The Illinois law lemon does not cover motorcycles, boats or altered and modified vehicles. The law does not also cover used vehicles. The law can be found under the Illinois lemon law statues chapter 815 section 380. You will read about definitions and get to see what the law is all about. You need to study your car manual carefully and read all about the third party dispute resolution program. The first thing after you have understood the program contact the manufacturer and present your case.

The program was started by motor vehicle manufacturers for this purpose. A complainant is advised to be very wary and the dispute board or the dispute resolution program can rule against the lemon car owner and at this point, you can file a civil suit against the manufacturing company. The Illinois attorney general advises you to hire a private lawyer who can present your case. The dispute board can also choose favor you and you get to win the case. You will therefore be compensated or the vehicle replaced. People who think they can make money out of these claims might be disappointed because the process may be tedious any you might use too many of your resources just to confirm that you are not a legitimate lemon owner.

There are documents that you need to store safely if you want the Illinois law lemon to work well in your favor. The warranty is very vital because it confirms that the vehicle did not make the time required for it to be considered totally fit. Repair orders will also prove that you attempted to repair the car. Remember to keep all the orders because you need to have repaired the car at least four times to qualify for a compensation. All other documents pertaining to the car must also be kept safely. Once you notice the car is a lemon, do not attempt to make severe changes or modifications because the manufacturer can argue that you ruined most of the original contents of the vehicle. You must also constantly follow the maintenance plan in your manual and do everything in your power to maintain the car.

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