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Get Legal Help If Your Car is a Lemon

If you are stuck with a car that does not function properly, or has safety issues, the first question that comes to the mind, is – is it a lemon? How do you know whether your vehicle comes within the coverage of the Lemon Laws applicable in Florida? Only a specialized Lemon law attorney can give you the right answer.

Before you consult a legal practitioner in this regard, ask yourself the following questions. These could come in handy to understand whether your vehicle is within this consumer law or not.

Is it a new car? This law only covers new cars that an entity purchases or leases in the state. However, in very few cases, this law does apply to old vehicles. The vehicles not within coverage are off-road ones, vehicles for track racing, motorcycles and mopeds, trucks (over 10,000 pounds gross weight) and recreational vehicles with living facilities.

Is a defect adversely affecting the use, safety and value of your car? The defect or problem needs to be substantial enough to support a claim. Moreover, you cannot file a suit against the manufacturer or dealer if the cause of the problem is accident, neglect, abuse, modification, or alteration.

Did you take the vehicle for repair for the same problem at least thrice to the dealer/authorized service agent? Was the car out of service for at least 15 collective days? Both these circumstances make you eligible for submitting a Motor Vehicle Defect Notification (MVDN) in Florida.

Did you send the MVDN to the manufacturer via registered or express mail? Before you get a Florida Lemon Law attorney to file a suit, this is necessary. This gives the manufacturer the chance for a final attempt at repair. The manufacturer may direct you to a repair facility for this in response. However, if they fail to do so within 10 days, you have the right to go ahead and file a claim seeking refund or replacement.

Do you have necessary documents to establish repair work? This would be necessary if you are considering arbitration or litigation. Maintain a file of all necessary documents that your attorney would need during the suit.

If indeed your new vehicle turns out to be a lemon, do not worry. As a consumer, you have certain rights. Get in touch with a competent attorney to work on your case. Choose someone with in-depth knowledge of the Florida laws and working experience in handling such cases for this task.

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James Blatt, a legal services consultant, offers helpful tips regarding legal matters concerning consumer protection laws.

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