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Lemon Law - How Does Lemon Law Protect You?

The Lemon Law is intended to protect the average consumer who isn't expected to know everything from the fraudulent sales of goods, including motor vehicles. A lemon is a vehicle that seems to have unrelenting mechanical difficulties or necessary repairs. If you think you have one, then you need to look at the lemon law for your state.
Vehicles Lemon Law: If a purchased vehicle needs repeated repairs or is unsafe, it may qualify for the protection of the lemon law. The lemon law is a State consumer legislation, which includes everything about how goods can be sold, in what kind of condition, and under what terms and circumstances.
New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act helps you if have bought a new vehicle that qualifies as a lemon.  When repeated attempts at repair have been unsuccessful, the law may require the manufacturer to replace or repair the defective vehicle.
If you are planning on or have recently purchased a new car, protect your investment by keeping copies of all repair bills, major and minor, just in case you end up with a lemon a few months later.
If you are the victim of fraud or unfair and deceptive trade practices, then you should retain a skilled lawyer who can fight to protect your interests.
You must be able to demonstrate how your vehicle has been substantially impaired. For example, to prove substantial value impairment, you could show that the retail value of your vehicle is significantly less than it would be without the defect.
The Legislation protects you only when the purchased vehicle is under the manufacturer's warranty period. This period can be extended for up to a year if a defect is reported, in writing, to the dealer or manufacturer during the warranty period but has not been cured by the expiration of the period. This means that the defects you are complaining about must occur before any of these periods run out. This can happen if you purchased the vehicle used but you are still protected by the manufacturer's original express warranty.
Is your car a lemon under the California Lemon Law? California Law provides a wealth of consumer protection remedies, including injunctions, rescission, damages, and penalties, in favor of consumers of new and used consumer products and services. The California Lemon Law, on the other hand, provides the right to a refund or new replacement vehicle or other product for warranty problems the manufacturer is unable to fix after a reasonable number of attempts.

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