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Learn about the benefits of eating watermelon in the summer

Watermelon is a fruit that is coming in the summer season, which is different in both taste and aroma. It is beneficial for health. 95 percent of vitamins and minerals with water melons are found. In this season of heat from your body to overcome the lack of water is a better choice melons consumed. It also is beneficial in eczema. The seeds are high in protein and oil.
Melon juice is beneficial in chronic eczema. Vitamin C is found. Irritation of the stomach is relieved of melons consumed. Melons are the problem of constipation and acidity. Let us know today that eating watermelon in the summer as some other benefits such as ...
1. To Cancer Prevention
Kerotenwaid organic pigments found in melons in large quantities, which prevent cancer as well as reduces the likelihood of lung cancer. It destroys the root of the cancer in the body is flourishing.
2. The attack and heart disease prevention
Antikoagulent called Adenosin found in melons, which prevents blood from freezing Koshion. The accumulation of blood cells attack and heart disease. Watermelon is helpful in maintaining the flow of blood in the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of attack and heart disease.
3. Good for digestion
Melons and is also the problem of defecation. If you suffer from digestive problems, then eat watermelon. This will fix the problem of defecation. Melons in the amount of water is helpful in digestion. Minerals found in Seediti eliminate stomach, making digestion process is correct.
4. improve the skin comes in
Connective tissue are found in our skin. The connective tissue protein collagen, found in melons in maintaining cell structure. There are also quick fix scarred skin collagen and strengthens. If you consistently eat watermelon in Twche will not moroseness.
5. Keep away from kidney disease and Akjima
In Kurbuje Daiyuretik (diuretic) is fairly good. Kidney diseases are cured and therefore it reduces the Akjima. If melons consumed when taken together lemon arthritis disease can also be cured.
6. The energy increases
Most melon vitamin B is found. Vitamin B helps in the creation of energy in the body. Sugar and carbohydrates are essential for the body to process energy.
7. Weight loss help
If you want to lose weight, the melon may be the ideal way. It is found in very small quantities of sodium. It is also free of fat and cholesterol as well. While there is much less calories. There are only 48 calories in a cup melons. Melons from those found in the natural sweet figs will stay away from high calorie sweets.
8. eyes are safe
To keep eyes healthy Vitamins require. Melon as it provides vitamin beta-Karotin. Dblyuecf three times per day, high beta-Karotin 1.5 times the risk of those who eat fruit Macular degeneration is less than 36 percent. Macular degeneration is an issue with advanced age, the eyesight can be too.
9. stress
When you are stressed, it is helpful to move the potassium present in melons. Potassium helps the heart normally Ddkhne, enough oxygen reaches the brain and it works smoothly.
10. Diabetes
Diabetic patients are often hungry, because their diet is low in sugar and energy levels. Melon juice to patients who may have good food. Diabetic patients melons experts always recommend taking the juice, because it reduces the level of blood Sugar.

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